Kinect v1 accurate enough to detect table tennis ball

Hi vvvvolks,

i want to track a table tennis ball with the depth sensor of a kinect v1 and asking myself if it could work. I just saw a project named Rally Keeper and want to build something similar with vvvv
Any hints and advises are welcomed ;)

BTW: are there any other (better) depth cameras with a higher resolution and a higher framerate ?

u need a video tracker with super high FPS and low latency, kinect depth image gonna have delay half a second.

The K1 does not have half second latency. They appear to be using a K1 in that video, but I would think if the ball was really traveling very fast (they are playing very slowly) it would be too much of a blur for the depth to register - more of an exposure time issue than lag.

I expect a K2 would do much better, I know it saw bugs flying around in the setup in my barn!

Haha- barns: you’re doing it right.