Kinect Tracking with Soundanimation

Hej Hej,

I would like to do something like this kinect-patch-demo . But have no idea how to start with this. Wich is the best way to get in touch with this? Is it possible to create something like this with the Depth Node and if its possible how do I deal with this? I played around and searched the forum but can’t get any texture effects layed over moving objects. I’m starting to despair.

Thanks for your help!

I generally convert whatever is going on in the render to a texture using the DX9texture node. Once you have that output you can treat it just like any other texture ei apply filters, and connect it to a quad or fullscreenquad.

Let me know if t you would like an example patch.


Hey Bentley,

the last days I played around with diffrent filters but didn’t get some kind of result I want. Tried to change the color of the dots in in the dots-filter but haven’t found a way to get this. Is there an easy way to convert the depth data from the kinect into primitives and get a stronger contrast between background, center and foreground? I think it will work with spreads.