Kinect tracking in front of a LED wall

Has any one done any kinect tracking in front of an LED video wall, I just need depth image, but I’m worrying about infra red output from the wall, ay thoughts?

pointing towards the LED or away from it ?

towards it…

I’ve used IR camera in front of LED wall with frontal IR illumination. With displayed content it was black without my IR lights, but I had quite a lot of reflection when my IR lights went on.

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Maybe putting a frost foil right in front of the LED´s could keep the image sharp, but kill alot reflections?

Equal reflections are not a problem – you can easily correct it with camera setting. In this particular case was strong hot spotting caused probably by convex surface of every single led of led screen and different reflection angle. And in my experience frost doesn’t help much in such hot spotting issues. It just eats a lot of power.

Sorry for late reply.

A frost like this: will indeed kill pretty much all reflections from below - and indeed lower contrast quite a bit. You would need to bring it very close to the surface of the panel to avoid to much spill from neighboring LED’s. Like adding some gentle, removable spray glue to the foil, let it (half) dry, than push it onto screen. But it would for sure kill the glare from convex surfaces. Maybe try different strenghts? Might all get to muddy for your task.

Second guess would be IR cut foils, that only kills IR from Kinect. No idea where to get this that large for a good price. Will reflect itself due to its polished surface. Sand it down a little?

Last (nasty) guess:

G Naaa… don’t do it! It would work… but naaaa… ;-)

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Hi catweasel, some time ago we did that and it worked , only thing we needed to wait until sun was set to avoid sun infrared.

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