Kinect to mousestate

Hi guys.
It’s possible convert the kinect hands to MouseState for insert directly to radiobutton module?


Don’t know if there is a readymade node to do that, but you can do it using the ‘map’ node

For e.g., in this project :

We’re just running a flash panorama in a web browser, and the hand position is mapped to the mouse position.
The pressed state becomes 1 when z value goes above a point

It is done like this

  • find out the x,y values of the wrist using kinect,
  • map them to desired mouse position values
  • find out the difference between z value of the body and the wrist
  • map it to a press button when it goes beyond a particular threshold value

It does require a lot of calibration. Would be interesting to know if there are other ways.

For making you own Mouse State sources you can use MouseState (System Join)