Kinect Studio Host Service -> VVVV

Hey vvvv-folks,

did anyone ever succesfully used kinect studio to make a recording. and then used kinect studio host service to simulate a kinect by a recorded file in vvvv.

like operating in vvvv on top of a live stream coming from kinect studio?

any help would be really appreciated!

thank you folks!


seem like @timpernagel has some progresss here.

Kinect studio 2.0, kinect2 nodes & vvvv 33.3 64 bit worked fine for me. You do need to sill have the kinect plugged in for it to work though, which is a bit silly.

Maybe the Schnellebuntebilder guys will share their implementation? would be very curious if it works without a device…

hey yah i got it to work…very hard to say why…cuz it didnt worked and i just clicked connect and play - connect and play - again connect and play and all of a sudden it got streamed without a device