Kinect Problem whit: VVVV.Tutorials.Mapping.3D

I have a problem with VVVV.Tutorials.Mapping.3D. In fact, I can not download the package for kinect opencv-plugin-(alpha).
Does anyone know the link to download this plugin.

This comes along with addonpack in recent releases?

the problem is that by going to the link opencv-plugin- (alpha). the downloaded file is not present. I only require a link to download this package.

I see, I have it in my hard drive but not sure if its appropriate to share it if it was intentionally pulled down by author.

buzz me on skype, you can find that in my userpage

it would obviously be best to contact @elliotwoods and ask him to update his contributions.

i can only guess that the opencv-alpha stuff mentioned in vvvv.tutorials.mapping.3d was replaced by vvvv.packs.image