Kinect Player + Pipet

Hi guys,

I am working on a project where I have to identify a bunch of different body types.
I am starting by using the microsoft kinect and the player note, to remove the background. I then pass the image through pipet and I get a general “mass”.

You can see the attached patch (no kinect needed - I saved sample pics).

The next step - and this is where I am stuck - is how to identify specific characteristics.
For starters, I want to tell how tall is a person. I don’t need specifics (i.e. 1.80m) but rather a way so I can compare between the users.

I know the way to do this is to check what is the highest red pixel and the lowest red pixel and identify the distance between them.

Any hints on how to do this?

I am not sure how to attach a patch so here is a link:


maybe skeleton would be more efficient ?

Hi Julius,

Can the skeleton measure how tall a person is?
I thought it just assigns a skeleton to the player - without taking into consideration specifics (i.e. height, lenght of hands/legs etc).

The skeleton is always the same dimensions no?

@Dorosp the skeleton follows the dimensions of the player, a child is much smaller than an adult, so yes, the skeleton is the same size as the person in front of the kinect

Thanks Sunep,

In that case - how can I measure the height of the skeleton?

you have the position of all the joints… they are in meters

so take the y pos of the lowest joint and subract that from the highest joint. or the head and the lowest foot

it will be somewhat correct, since the head and feet don’t have a size. so, the real height will be a bit higher.

Got it and it works.

Great, thanks.


or perhaps more precise to somehow add up the length of the relevant bones

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