Kinect OK in NIViewer but no OpenNI nodes work

I have followed all the instructions on the kinect page at kinect and got OpenNI installed 32-bit. I have tried NIViewer and Primesense samples and all looks fine.

When i go into vvvv none of the nodes seem to work. In 45beta29.2 the help patch for openni kinect device node, the driver i/o is empty but on 45beta28.1 it says “Unable to connect to Device!”

Is this i/o the output for the driver? So if it’s blank presumably its all good?

Thanks in advance

no, the iobox should report the drivers as listed on the kinect page. strange that you get different output with 28.1 and 29.2. and if you really have all those old drivers installed it should just work.

any reason why you’d not want to use the mskinect drivers?

i had an empty driver pin in beta 29.2 with still unsolved problem mentioned here