Kinect node Red (microsoft device)


I was playing with previus versions of vvvv and my kinects node works fine.
i have formated my computer and now i have installed the vvvv45beta30.2 x86 and x64. and runtime drivers 1.6, but kinect node start grey and when i connect the device the node become red…

Someone know why???,
I have tryed too, installing the backup of my drivers(before format) but it didn´t work…

and now I have no idea what can i do??

has Someone any suggestion???


Are you sure you installed the correct plugin pack the correct way?

Hi Westbam
I have installed 1.6 run time and kinect drivers and Addons_pack on vvvv folder.

I have tried with 1.6 vvvv driver link,with last sdk drivers run time version and with my back up drivers and at this moment nothing have works…

now i will try to use kinect with SDK or processing for confirm if the problem is on the device/ drivers or on vvvv_30.2…

Hi alls!!

I have installed developertoolkit,and now vvvv patches works perfectly :D

So for my the solition was: drivers 1.7 + developertoolkit 1.7 + vvvv x86 or x64

both are working properly.

Hi Carlos,

I also have drivers 1.7 and developertoolkit 1.7 installed.

using vvvv 30.2 x64 and x86.

when I am using x64 microsoft kinect node as a subpatch I am getting an error like "

“00:01:33 * : De Niro: no solution found for:
p0 NAN, p3 0.627098736166954, v0 0, v3 0, abs(a) 10, ß 0, vmax 1E020”
from the tty renderer. and the number after p3 keeps changing.

where as when I use x86 I am getting

“00:00:24 * : [MainLoop.TMMainLoop.DoTimer: error occured in Graph.TMBasicNode.PrepareGraphCB](MainLoop.TMMainLoop.DoTimer: error occured in Graph.TMBasicNode.PrepareGraphCB): Out of memory”

so basically I am opening the same patch from 30.2 x64 build or 30.2 x86 build.

when I try toe 30 x86 build, I get
“TMAction GetKeyChild: Illegal action : pin.”

what could I do to solve this issue?

strangely, the kinect microsoft node works when I just use it on an empty new patch, but will not work as a subpatch.