Kinect node is red (OpenNI plugin)

Hi guys,
I’m trying the last release of the OpenNI plugin. I installed the three packages, as indicated in the contribution and then I pasted the plugin folder into the contribution folder.

Here the three packages:
OpenNI Binaries (nite-win64-
OpenNI Compliant Middleware Binaries (openni-win64-
SensorKinect (SensorKinect091-Bin-Win64-v5.1.0.25.msi)

Now when I put the kinect node into an empty patch it became red, while the other kinect nodes are grey. It seems the kinect it’s not right installed.




the drivers working with the 1.2 release of the openni-plugin are:

update to newest drivers in the works…

Joreg, where can I download these drivers? On there are only the newest drivers.

I found the correct drivers into

Now everything works. ;]

right, and this second also there is a new version on openni-plugin for the latest drivers. comes with autocalibration for skeleton and new hand tracker.

Wow, great! I’ll go to test it!