Kinect Mesh from vertexbuffer

Hi vvvvgurus! I have a noob question here…
here’s my problem… I’m trying to create a mesh from the kinect image… so y could embed it on mre or change texture or whatever…
up to now i’ve have simplified Andres’ (VJC4) pointcloud base to output xyz of the points (i think andres pipet solution is the best one to convert from texture to points in space)…
sooo… I’m pretty shure I should use vertex buffer and mesh nodes to create a mesh according to my xyz point position… the problem is that I have no idea on how to use those nodes… I’ve tried different approach to the problem but none of them seems to work…
any sugestions?

PD: i’ve also tried using heightmap displacement… but not satisfying… (also added in the zipfil just as a curiosity) (199.5 kB)

check @tmp))s ((contribution:kinecttoolkitdx11, there is something inside that fits your exact question.

thanks for posting here, because answers might help other people too. on fb all answers will be gone forever.

Thanks! I’ve downloaded and installed it… but it seems it only supports microsoft’s kinect… danm… I’ve got the asus xtion with openni … at this very moment i’m downloading kinect sdk6 and opnenni-kinectSDK Bridge to see if that can make it work…
at the top of it i’m working with dx9… but that isnt the worst problem…

As we say in argentina… I’ve got to dance with the ugliest chick :-P

pd:xtion is incompatible with microsoft drivers, right?

Hi!, como va?

look at vvvv.packs.image

In “packs \ image \ nodes \ modules \ Image \ OpenNI \ …” thanks to Elliot’s the solution. I attached a folder with an adaptation I did at some point to work with OpenNI nodes.


Gracias Bernardo! Ni bien se me pase la resaca lo miro!

So… Bernardo’s contributtion was beautifull but I couldnt get a mesh from it looking through the code it seems that somewhere there is an actual mesh but then its transformed to a layer (¿?),…
maybe there is a way to get that mesh out?

small update in my slow searching (It’s getting really frustrating to me, I just can’t get it)
Mangosh, I’ve found how to sort the indeices, I’ve discovered that I can use Delaunay 2d to connect all the x&y vertices and it gives me a indices spread sorted so i can get a nice deformed mesh…
but fuck it… it wasn’t going to be that easy… now i’ve got a normals (¿?) problem and all is grey (or whatever color)
If anyone is interested look for “kinectMesh004.v4p” in the dropbox folder


It is convenient to use texture World to take the data (\packs\image\nodes\modules\Image\OpenNI\WorldAndNormals (OpenNI).v4p). Not achieve what you wanted (obtain normals) but it was a nice challenge for me.


Create Mesh with kinect data (215.1 kB)

Is Normals (EX9.Geometry Mesh) of any help?

ahí va, thank you h99.

kinectMesh006.v4p (203.6 kB)

Thanks Bernardo, sorry for taking so long with the reply, its pretty much what I wanted to achieve!
Now… i just have to figure something cool to do with it ;-)

Silly contribution (but i wanted soo bad to help in a way)
I added some distance filter to the Z spread, so you only get the values which are nearer than a maximun and further than a minimun… so I could get only polygons of someone within a very specific range.
It ends in a huge resource saving, ctrl+f9 shows a reduction from 18000 to 2000 or something like that :-)

kinectMesh007_minimumMaximun.v4p (292.7 kB)