Kinect Issues

Hey everyone,

I’ve run in to an issue using my Kinect.
I’ve been happily using it on my desktop computer using the Kinect (Devices Microsoft) [DX11, Vux](DX11, Vux) and associated nodes (RGB & Skeleton).
It’s all working fine on my desktop, but as soon as I move over to my laptop the Kinect isn’t being found.

I’ve checked the Kinect page on here and installed Kinect for Windows Runtime v1.8, as well as the Kinect SDK & OpenNI sensor package, but still no luck.

I plug the Kinect back in to my desktop and it works again.

It’s being discovered by my laptop and all drivers look to be installing, the green light on the Kinect is flashing as it should be, it’s just not working in Vvvv.

When it’s installing it’s installing as “Kinect for Windows Device” too.

Any ideas.

Thank you :)

try unistall all kinect drivers u have, and install only microsoft sdk 1.8 or 1.7 for kinect, then run kinect from one of the examples in sdk, and if it works then try with vvvv