Kinect Gestures DX11

Hello all… esp. vux

I am trying to get gestures from kinect. I am using the DX11 kinect nodes since they have a gesture node. it does seem like they will not recognize a skeleton even though the skeleton node recognize it fine.

see attached patch.

or am doing something wrong?


KinectGestures.v4p (8.8 kB)

last time i checked the code i found the gestures to be pretty basic and i never got them to work properly. it’s probably better to do your own gesture recognition.
the simple version using rules (comparing sequences of coordinates, distances between joints or angles between joints) and thresholds doesn’t work bad in certain limits.

i’m still dreaming of a elaborated system that can be trained using Dynamic Timewarping or even Hidden Markov Models…

Any news on this? The DIY method motzi suggest might be effective, but having the default kinect gestures should work, no?