Kinect for v4, openni/ms?

here is a non-programmer’s view over recent kinect events:

  • waiting for net4.0, as then it would be possible to implement the ‘actual’ kinect sdk drivers
  • christmas pack was released, but it seemed not to work as expected
  • devvvvelopment seems to focus nowadays on openni
  • kinect website says ‘windows version’ to be released in february

some general questions that arise are:

  • are there pros and cons in using one driver over the other ?
  • is it of any help to make a list of features that an ideal v4 implemantation would have ?

thanks to all people involved in this matter goes without saying

net4.0 is here now! check b27

Think someone has already implemented the MS version. Don’t think it’s been released though.

Ah yes it was the in Christmas Pack :)

Not working for you?

im trying to understand why openni still seems to be the first option

found this
Microsoft Kinect SDK vs PrimeSense OpenNI

I think the licensing issue is key

kinect sdk update

OpenNI supports the ASUS Xtion and the Primesense camera (which the ASUS effectively is), which can run 60fps at 320x240, a big plus for me. Obviously the MS Kinect SDK does not.

So use Kinect SDK and be locked into the Kinect, or OpenNI and have multiple vendors with possibly more in the future)? Hmmmm…

big vote from me for using the ASUS. neater package - bit smaller than kinect, matt black paint and non-clicking angle adjust. Oh yeah and ok for commercial use.

Not tried the faster depth camera settings yet but got an install running at the moment that I should give it a go on.

Has the Kinect (Windows Devices) node something to do with the new SDK release in February 2012 ?

Cause I’m running all the existing samples from Microsoft Kinect 2.0 (PC) with no problem and I still have my Kinect node red in vvvv. I assume that this implementation worked for the elder SDK versions ?

I did uninstall all the OpenNI and Primesense traces on my machine before running this in case, but I might go back to the OpenNI implementation

Thanks so much for your help guys :)

@pdubost: yep you have to uninstall the final kinect for windows sdk and install the earlier kinect sdk beta to work with the christmas-pack mssdk plugin. also you can have both openni and mssdk installed just you have to choose the driver in the device manager before you want to use the kinect. i’d say however the openni plugin is much better currently than the mssdk one (if you don’t need wrists and feet) openni provides a higher resolution, agc-ed or raw and aligned depth and it’s a bit more stable and faster than the mssdk one (also it doesn’t need calibration pose anymore).

@microdee: I have retail Kinect for Windows hardware (not 360). Do you know if the beta 2 or openni drivers work with the newer hardware? I just got this hardware today and will do my research but if you have a quick answer that would be fantastic.

Is this plugin code available somewhere? I would happily take a crack at fixing it, I have some experience with both 360 and Kinect for Windows hardware. It should be abstracted out at some point and support both I would think. I’m new around here, as of today. Look forward to working with some of you, the community here appears to be fantastic.

kinect for windows looks like only a scam. microsoft speaks about the features of KfW as they weren’t already achieved with existing openni drivers with the original kinect. sure-sure nearmode is more accurate blah blah on planet earth it’s called a firmware update 1.01 not separate product series. brekel says it should work a folk in his forums says it doesn’t work for him