Kinect Dx11 not recognised

Hej guys,

Just started to use vvvv after seeing wonderful dx11 pointcloud library. I have Kinect for Windows SDK 1.8 installed, running on Windows 8.1 and have DirectX11 on the system. The problem is that I cannot run DX11 kinect device node (it just keeps red) and also of course pointcloud library. However, DX9 nodes are working fine. Any solutions?

Spent so much time trying to get over this issue but nothing seems to work. Help please.

So nobody never ever had this issue before? Feeling so special…

you might need an older version of dx11 pack

Working!!! Thank you so MUCH!!!

now its recognized but the output is blank aka black whereas dx9 is working fine. Help one more step further pls

hei kodel,

i’m afraid your question is probably a bit too unspecific to get solved. also all questions regarding pointcloud lib should go @tmp

i think you miss to turn on pins on node, look for Enabled pin, Enable Depth, Enable Color