Kinect DX11 Gesture

Hello everyone,
it has been a while since the last time i was around the forums :)
Decided to go back to the computer and toy a bit with VVVV and some gadgets lying around the studio.

So i was playing with the new DX11 modules and the Kinect. All good but for some reason i can not get any gesture out of it. Been jumping waving and what not all day and still nothing. RGB works, skeleton works, dept works … Still no Gestures.

Looked around the forum for answers found some but sadly i am no coder (not at all) so i come to you for help.
I was trying to recreate Westbam`s Arduino gallery patch with simple gestures by waving for back and forth. And i got nothing so far.

Could anyone be so kind to provide with example patch on how to actually read gestures ? As there no help files for it i am stuck now.

P.S installed OpennI drivers and they do detect some stuff … Still cant do it with MS SDK…

Please help i am going to die out of boredom …

Current versions:
vvvv b33.7
Kinect SDK 1.8
Kinect 360

if you checkout vux’ dx1-vvvv on github and compile that (works out of the box), you can see a gesture node.

i once checked its funxctionality, but don’t have the patch anymore… you need to create a gesture file with the tool provided by microsoft and it works.

Thats the problem , i do not have the capability to recompile stuff ( I honestly have no idea about these things)

So far the node was playing with me but we reached some level of understanding … Still can not detect a lot of stuff , Click is not working working, also Grip/grab gesture.

Could you explain what this tool is ?
I found one called “Visual Gesture Builder” by Microsoft but as far as i see it is for V2 only and sadly i do not have Windows 8 …

Thanks for the input still :)

There is no Click gesture in Fizbin.Kinect.Gestures,
Will need to do it somehow , and the one called "Menu seems to be out my moving abilities …

ah, i did test onlky the gesture node for k2…

i guess there might be an older version of gesture builder - there must be some kind of manual/readme on how to use it.

Nope , just checked , the VGB is still in Pre-release as MS says. And so far i havent found anything to build Gestures with.
I am long way to reach the V2 … need a new box for it :(

Might build me something with Unity3D that sends out OSC data back to vvvv, but this could mean i am loosing the Kinect inside of VVVV.

Hmmm , its getting interesting :D OpenNi has Click gesture but lacks, the Swipes and MS nodes has the Swipes but not the Click.

Not asking for a patch or something but what have you guys been using till now, how were you using Gestures ?
Anyone willing to share some insight?