Kinect depth Microsoft issues with depth texture

Hi All,
I’m trying to get some reliable output from the Microsoft Kinect depth output but seem to have some issues. Seems I have to use levels to adjust the range of the depth texture. I’m comparing the output to the Microsoft demo “Depth -D3D” that comes with the Kinect for windows developer toolkit which seems nice but in no way compares to the output from the kinect node in vvvv.

Has anyone got any tips to get some better output?
Example file attached

example of the kinect help file with adjusted depth range issues (15.0 kB)

Also Im using version 1.6 of the kinect for windows…

the depth texture is not ought to be human visible. it is an L16 gray scale texture that encodes the depth for each pixel. usually that texture is used further downstream in another shader. if you want to just visualise the depth, then yes, using the Levels (EX9.Texture Filter) is the way to go.