Kinect coordinate transform to vvvv coordinate

Hi, vVVver

I had problem about transform kinect coordinate to VVVV coordinate, The Green line area will be projection and people moving around within, also some visual content follow people, i direct use the map(node) to transform kinect coordinate to VVVV coordinate but seems not so correct ?? any one had experienced with it?


you need to know the kinect transformation relative to the vvvv coordinate origin. then use the inverse of that transformation and use the ApplyTransform (Transform Vector) node to put the kinect positions into the vvvv coordinate space.

Hi @jzzxh!

Remapping one coordinate system to another is quite common thing to do.

With Kinect it’s even easier because the World texture contains values in meters, same for the Skeleton Joints. In this case Kinect is the center of the coordinate system, X is left to right, Y is bottom to top, Z is aiming forward.

Depends on what kind of content do you want to transform - pointcloud or skeleton data use appropriate transformation of view of ApplyTransform node to transform Spread of values.

VVVV is using standard function and concepts that is used in computer graphics, so there are no obscurities.

Good luck!

Thanks. guys i will try that… and report again.^^.

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