Kinect configuration

apart from manipulating the raw data (z position) is there a way to give the Kinect a maximum depth to scan for persons ?

Might be nice to be able to set fore and rear planes of tracking within the plugin?

The vvvv Kinect plugins use OpenNI, so this is the kind of thing to ask on the OpenNI-dev list, and/or look at the OpenNI site docs. If you do find out, please report back here!

in the documentaion on this site
on page 33 capter “Configuration Using XML file” u can find
some information’s about the configuration of the openNI stuff.

please let us know your experience with that

Interesting, I think the relevant part is

<Node type="Depth">




<MapOutputMode xRes="640" yRes="480" FPS="30"/>







<MapOutputMode xRes="640" yRes="480" FPS="30"/>

<UserPosition index="0">

<Min x="128" y="128" z="500"/>

<Max x="600" y="400" z="2000"/>


<Property type="int" name="VendorXDummyProp" value="3" />



<Node type="Audio">


<WaveOutputMode sampleRate="44100" bitsPerSample="16"
channels="2" />



I am trying to use this configuration with the kinect plugin but it keeps on crashing.
What I am trying to do is limiting the depth range of the kinect.

hmm, im no xml expert but…

you have a closing thingy here: but no opening thingy before it.

maybe put above ?

I dono… would be cool to be able to do this… will try it tomorrow…