Kinect clipping planes


I am using a kinect with vvvv. I got everything up and running but the range that the depth sensor has is way to short. My objects are out of its range or at least behind the clipping plane.

In a kinect forum I found that it is possible to hack the kinects clipping planes and acquire a range until 8m (while the image quality detoirates…)
It should work using this code:

kinect.setDepthClipping(bDepthClippingNear, bDepthClippingFar);

Now I am trying to ‘hack’ the kinect(microsoft) node to introduce a new pin. The node in vvvv is a .dll file, is there a way to get the sourcecode?

very much so. sources are around here:

and you best start with vvvv-sdk on getting everything running conveniently on your machine to build and debug your own (or one of the available) plugs. don’t hesitate to ask questions if you encounter problems along the way…

seems like I was trying to use code from OpenFrameworks in the ‘native’ Kinect enviroment. Stupid me.
Anyway, I’ll try to figure it out with the raw data… it HAS to be possible.


seem to be read only. any ideas to achieve a solution without hacking the drivers?

Just to keep you updated:

It seems like Microsoft decided to narrowed the range of the depth stream in the driver. They say it gets you better data (which is true).

As I still need the tracking data that is farther away than these 3.5 to 4m, I will use the OpenNi drivers. While slower, they provide a deeper depth range and are ‘open’, which means easier to ‘hack’.

Thank you for your help, I’ll keep you posted as this seems a problem that many Kinect Users on vvvv try to solve.