Kinect camera with led screen

helloo again, i would like to know if its posssible to use the kinect camera wiith a led screen background?
the led screen emits IR light?, or make any anoyance problem with skeleton tracking,?,i have a possible project, and i would like to know if to go on with the kinect camera and vvvv, any other option?
thanks to all the people around 4v.

LED screen should not emmit too much IR, LED’s usually have a very narrow band.

Thanks for the answer!

I will be with a kinect in front a relatively big LED screen this afternoon, I can point it at the screen and see what happens… I assume it will behave as normal.

Kinect uses a very narrow and low frequency IR light, so no problems, that s why it also works with mild sun light conditions.

@sunep…please keep me informed,and good luck, ;)

It works, both with depth and skeleton in a setting like this.

@sunep Thanks For the answer, what kind of led is this? it looks like a 25mm
smd, its cool to know that kinect is useful for this scenarios…