Kinect Azure Pointcloud (from VL to beta/Fieldtrip)

Dear community,

still in post-node20-flow, what’s best practise to get the Azure Pointcloud to a scalar- (or even better vector-)field for Fieldtrip?

  • Pointcloud works for me in Gamma 2020.3.0 with VL.Devices.AzureKinect Version 1.2.0
  • VL Integration in Beta40 x64 (where I play with Fieldtrip) is 2020.1.6, where I also installed VL.Devices.AzureKinect Version 1.2.0 (image is working, but I don’t get values for the pointcloud in vl)

Additonal question: I have two Kinect Azure here. Somewhere I read that they can sync kind of “naturally” - even with the pointcloud? Or was that just a rumor?

thanks in advanced and all the best,

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