Kinect Azure body tracking lagging

Just tried the Azure Body Tracking SDK + the VL nuget - to me the gamma implementation has a massive lag on calculating the skeleton joints, about one second (using the body tracking example from the help browser). When I open the native Body Tracking Viewer that ships with the SDK everything runs smoothly.

Tried everything on 3.3 as well as preview-4.0-303, the pointcloud example runs smoothy in every case.

Could please anybody check if that is just the case for me?

Hey @chk, while implementing this I had a similar feeling but could not get to the bottom of it and then moved on.

I tried the examples that ship with the Azure SDK and noticed that while the C++ body tracking example is smooth as you say, the C# version for the same example has this lag you get in gamma.

Can you confirm this is the case for you?

Can you please tell me where to find that example?

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Here you go:

Seems the body tracking needs about 7gigs of vram. Is this normal?
My card has 8gb and tracking is very responsive within the helppatch. No lagging.
However, if I add additional entities or textures the vram fills up and azure lags.

have y’all tested this with the latest preview nugets of which is using the latest official sdk (1.1.0)

but beware: it requires you to have installed:

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