Kinect as vertex, to make projective texture onto the xmesh

I would like to know if it was possible to deduce vertex from the kinect depth data ?
I want to do projective texture like in the slide example but onto the kinect mesh,
would it be possible ?

Thank you in advance.

This was accomplished by Elliot Woods @sugokuGENKI in Art&Code Calibrate projector…
On his github…

I know his tools, it’s not projective texture in the purely sens ot term.
it’s a texture that you project onto the scene, but not projective texture.
I search a lot, and I think the best way would be to deduce the xmesh from the 3d scene capted by kinect
thx for your response

phildar sorry i didnt get your idea
what do you want to do ?

deduce vertex ? what is the slide example ?
you saw the neew video that eliotwod posted a few days ago ?

the idea is to make projective texture (like in slide projector example from girlpower folder) onto the kinect mesh (based on the depth data wich should be translate into xmesh…)…not just apply the texture with (wondeful) eliot nodes, but make real projective texture.
hope I’m clear…

use some 3d soft