Kinect and magnesium dust

hi there, for a one day interactive climbing wall installation at EMAF in Osnabrück I have been patching Kinect Hitboxes Dx11 with kinect_v1. In my installation “AugMountain” people can climb up the walls and color the areas they are moving through or start any other kind of video/mapping/animation/sound.
Kinect hitboxes was to send OSC trigger signals to Resolume projection mapping layers, mapping was done with Visution Mapio.

I must admit Hitboxes and Kinect were working well at home but not so much at the venue :/ OSC signals were triggering much too often, even with re adjusting and checking constantly. I think it got worse the more people were present in the room. I am quite sure I have underestimated the magnesium dust for boulder disturbing the infrared rays of the kinect… anyone has experiences with magnesium dust and kinect (v1/v2)? Is Kinect_v2 better (ray of light)?

Another problem was the distance of the kinect to the wall, the maximum for the depth sensor was about 3,5 distance, giving a sensor area of maybe 4x3m which is not too much for a fast climbing session :)

Nice try and good experiences anyway, better interactivity next time! If you are interested in this project, some pics here:


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