Kinect 2 recording experiences

hi, did anybody managed to record kinect 2 stuff into vvvv or blender?
i found this which seems to be specifically for kinect 1:

then i found this which seems to be particulary interesting, works without problems with blender but it cost around 140 dollars
they have some nice features in there

and of course kinect 2 studio, which is not very practical for live output

to put this a bit into context, i should do a “glitch” workshop with people, but in a way that they can drop in and out during the workshop, so i thought i can make some movement recording with them (maybe people reacting to the movements that someone before them recorded, and built some kind of story like that?) so i am looking for a solutions to get a mocap recording with kinect v2 into vvvv

also anybody has experiences recording pointclouds?

thanks for any information :3

if u don’t need skeleton track i would go for writer texture in 11 in raw dds format
640x480 shud be enough to capture realtime

i need it, but it looks i am just gonna buy that software its supereasy to use