Kinect 2 keeps connecting / USB port suddenly shows red in Kinect v2 Configuration Verifier

I have been using the Kinect 2 with VVVV successfully this summer.
I bought a compatible USB3 PCI-E card with Renesas chipset to make it work.

I did not (knowingly…) change anthing in the system.

When I now connect the (externally 12V powered) Kinect2 to the USB port I used in the past,
I get repeated “device connected” sound (the sound seems be be cut off at the end, as the connected state
only lasts for so long). I did see the device for a very short time in device manager, as well as in the big icon windows 10 “devices” tab. I was even able to click it once and open the menu, but there was no useful info inside. It never gets really connected. Very annoying…

I know this is not V4 specific, but google leads me to too many people with wrong USB chipset, slow PC or other crap. Hopefully someone here ran into the problem before and knows how to solve.

seen something similar, but it was my hacked power supply. it was too weak…

you should try another usb port and restart the system - not every usb controllers fits this kinect

Thank you for your suggestions. It was indeed the power supply, which is really strange as it worked before with it.
Anyhow, got all up and running. THX!

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