Kinect 2 for working

Hello friends!

vvvv work only with official Kinect 2 for windows, or sombady use Hack version of Kinect 2

You can buy a usb 3.0 adapter for kinect 2 to make it work with windows:

they adaptor been work with kinect one for xbox like normall device for kinect for windows?

Yes. Now that they sell the adapter Microsoft stopped making Kinect for windows. You must have USB 3.0 and Windows 8 or Win 10 though.

tnks to htone!

they worked normally (Kinect for xbox) with sdk?

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I’m using Kinect2 with adapter since one year and it works well with any software I’ve tried. USB3 and Windows8.1 required. At the moment I’m working on a video in Blender with some scans made out of it with KScan3D. All good.

Hi all,
1st post here and i like to connect my kinect one with my PC.
I 've done the hack with 12V DC power from a 12V router adapter.
My mobo is GA-p67-d3-b3 with i7 and 12GB RAM, pci-e x16 and pci-e x4.
I 've a TS-PDU3 usb3 card into x16 slot.

After many restartings and tries, i’ve finally managed to recognize the device as kinect.

The problem is that since then, i 've never manage to work with into sdk2 or brekel demo ore any real program.
I have win 8.1 pro and now win 10
I 'm suspecting the power supply because it is 12VDC/1.2A
Is it enough to boot?


Have you tried with the official MS power supply? I wouldn’t consider it worth the trouble to hack something together also risking breaking something along the way. I have previously had problems with kinect and I would recommend a clean install of windows if it keeps behaving weird.

Thank you for reply. My question is:
Does my PC configuration fits to kinect one need’s.
When i run the hardware verification tool, it cannot find usb3 card.
I must find out with the hard way though.