Kinect 2 crashes

Hello everybody (hello vux),

i have the Kinect v2 running here, work’s well for single users most of the time.

But when multiple users pop in randomly (or when it’s difficult for the kinect to detect my skeleton, e.g. sitting on a chair), it crashes :-/

In vvvv the output of Kinect2 (Devices Microsoft) then is freezed with the last data availible. Simultaneously the cpu and memory usage of the process “KinectService.exe” decreases and some moments later it crashes. Kinect2’s outputpin Is Started is false at this time.

Then KinectService.exe starts up again automatically and a moment later kinect2 again works in vvvv.

My setup:
Intel Core i5-2500 @ 3,3GHz
64bit Win8.1 Enterprise
Nvidia GeForce GTX 680
vvvv33.3 64bit

I have already checked all cables twice and even substituted all kinect2 hardware with a complete new product. It’s definitely no hardware bug.

I have tested it both with KinectSDK PublicPreview v2.0.1409.10000 and 2.0.1408.10000.

Thanks in advance :)

PS: and fund node15 ;-)