(kind of) solved (particleGPU Spline)

No idea how or when this popped up - all of a sudden the Tube’s perspective distortion came out kind of reverse. Note how the red spheres are allright but the cylinder (which has the same value for its radii!) is thick in the distance and thin in front. Looks pretty much like the perspective/distance doesn’t affect the geometry’s sze anymore. Any ideas what this might cause?

Edit: Yup, and dollying the standard camera turns long tubeworms into… blobs, basically.

(I had messed with the shader before - rather clumsily so I thought I had broken something - but, this now happens with Dottore’s virgin version as well.)

edit2: Ah. Found it. Turns out there are two slightly different .fx with the same name. I used the one that indeed behaves like that. So, nvm.