Killing My Aliens with hittest and deleteslice


Ive run into a small logic problem…

I have 64 xy points as Aliens

Im trying to kill my aliens by sampling and holding the ID of the point being hit and then trying to delete the slice that has been hit and after a frame delay feed that spread back in? but cant seem to wrap my head about how to delete those slices

Is this even the right approach?

any pointer on how to do this?

thanks in advance

I would recommend using the store node. Strangely it works without frame delay? In the example is another solution where the alien is just “deactivated” - maybe also a possible solution.

If you delete a slice you could get troubles with the ids - if alien 9 is deleted alien 11 becomes alien 10 etc…

for the second example you have to reset the store node first

alien.v4p (26.7 KB)

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Thank you jjh ! I would never have thought of that node!

will try this and see if it fits my use case…


you may want to have a look at these examples:


specifically 02-Add_Remove.v4p which shows how to remove items from a spread.

or even better dive into VL where dealing with dynamic spreads make much more sense. e.g start with


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