Keyscreen/ mask in vvvv

Hello everyone,
In the past I worked a lot with the rivals product Jitter but I just discoverd VVVV a while ago and I’m very eager to do something cool in VVVV.
I don’t know how many of you here are familiar with Jitter. In Jitter there is a predefined node called jit.keyscreen. It it’s very easy to do some nice keying with it by picking a color that is then keyed out so something else in the background can be seen through the mask. As far as my understanding of VVVV goes I can achieve something like a mask by playing with the blend attributes of a quad.
Is there another way to create a mask similar to real keying in VVVV or is the only way to work around via the blend node on a quad?
Cheers Martin

Hello Martin Anonymous,

i don’t know a possibility for REAL color keying,
but i know that playing around with the blend (EX9.Texture ADVANCED) on both of two stacked quads gives a lot of possibilities for (at least) very similar effects.

with the next update of my TextureModules might come a “keying-like-module”…


hello martin,

i know this may sound a bit outworn to all of you, but once again:

you could write a pixelshader, that does arbitrary colour keying, performed on the graphic hardware, super-fast, super-smooth! (given your card supports shaders)

give it a try, it’s simple and very powerful once you discover the possibilities.

gruesse, michel.

Would be a very nice update Kalle !!!
Cool, can’t wait…

hello… months later… did this keying node ever get made?? i’d really like it.

is this not helping ?

the User Shaders page contains a Chroma Key shader by Catweasel and a Luma Key shader by tonfilm…

ah cool… thanks chaps.

i’m quite a beginner and havent delved into pixelshadishness.