Keynote html import

Hi to everyone, im making a patch to open a keynote presentation (apple’s ppt) into vvvv. Im working on a project with multiple projectors screens and my goal is give freedom to the speaker to make his own slides acording to a premade grid that fit in the workspace.

My way to go is export from keynote as html presentation and parse the generated json files in vvvv to rebuild the slide.

At this moment had made some tests, parsing the json files is not a problem but rendering the svg files (containing the images) with svg nodes is not working properly due to svg clipping masks. Now im trying to parse the svg manually and redraw it width quads what is a bit hard to archive properly.

I’m get this error from tty

00:18:37 ERR : Exception occured in TMPluginWrapperNode.Evaluate
00:18:37 ERR : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Does anyone had this issue?

PD: excuse me for my english.

You should post at least one of your svg.
How may we know what’s wrong, otherwise?

it is also worth a try to use the HTMLTexture node to render the whole HTML at once…

You are right! i just post the svg i’m useing for tests.

Tonfilm you give me a good idea, i’ve tryed rendering all in html renderer it works but im not shure if it will work in bigger resolution. My idea was to use the original image files becaouse they are in a biger size. Otherwise you make me think in render only the svg files on html render.

Thanks for the quick response.

svg-clipping-mask (243.9 kB)

as far as i now, you can adjust the size and resolution of the HTMLTexture to any value you desire… just have a look at the node with the inspektor (ctrl+i).

Your svg contains a jpg.
I don’t know if svg nodes support embedded bitmaps.
Is it possible to insert a reference to the image instead of embedding it?

thats correct, the SVG library that we are using does not support embedded bitmaps, only vector graphics are possible. but the chromium engine of the HTMLTexture node might support it…

Hi, been busy these days. Well finally im using HTMLTexture in 3520 x 2000 px and works fine.

Thnks so much for the help!

nice to hear, good luck with your project!