KeyMatch (Keyboard) Key Mode pin bug

See attached patch.

KeymatchBug.v4p (11.6 kB)

The Key Match is used in a special way that its content describes the output pins of the node. Notice that it is not spreadable - it has only one single value.
Once the output pins are defined the output slice count is computed as usual. Zero in case one of the input slice counts is zero or the maximum of the input slice counts.
Simply add a few rows to your output IO boxes and you’ll see. Your ‘A’ will be toggled in the first slice and banged in the second, same with your ‘B’.

Thank you; I understand your explanation, and I’m glad that anyway there’s a way to use one keymatch node to manage stuff.
Nonetheless, this behavior is a bit unusual, perhaps there should be an example in the helppatch.
Thank you again.