Keyboard triggering

Hi this is probably simple but I can’t seem to figure it out. I have master patch with 8 animation sub patches I am using switcher to switch between 8 different patches. I am trying to use the keyboard node and key match node. This works great if I am trying to just toggle between 2 patches but instead of the string output always being 0,1 how can i make it 0, 3 for example. What I am trying to do is have q-i trigger my 8 different animations using the switcher…thanks so much in advance for the help!!!


sounds like multi-flipflop might help.

like this?

switch.v4p (14.9 kB)

Thanks for the reply…that’s not really what i mean. I want q to trigger one clip and then w to trigger another clip then e to trigger another clip. Each key triggering there specified clip instead of toggling through them. There’s got to be a way to do this.

Maybe I’m not getting what you want? But as I understand it Multiflipflop should work fine…

MulitFlipFlop.v4p (8.9 kB)

try this… no text …

keymatch.v4p (3.5 kB)

oh I never found that radiokey node! few times it would have really helped :P

Thanks everyoneishappy! that is what i have been pulling my hair out over. Thanks to everyone for replying. Much love.