Keyboard System Join - Keycodes for special characters like @

In the girlpower der is the nice Keyboard-Simulation patch

I wonder how I can simulate special keys like a @ or a .
Checking them out in a table they are supposed to be
@ = 64
. = 46

But it does not work :)
all normal characters work.
I wonder if there is a quick workaround?


the values you mentioned are ascii-values for those characters, which are not equal to their keycode values!

find out about keycodes using the Keyboard (Devices Desktop) and checking its Key Code.

also note: if you want to send a keypress, using the KeyChar (which is simply the character in your cases) is enough. only if you want to send a keyup/down you’ll need the keycodes.

there is a bit of explanation about that at the bottom of the patch you referred to.

if that was not enough, please provide an example of what exactly you want to achieve.