Keyboard (System Global ReadOnly)

i mentioned this somewhere else but can’t find right now.

so regarding the upcoming new beta i start a new thread for this issue.

as we know the Keyboard (System Global) is a singleton. i assume for the reason of the Keyboard Input-pin. for sure this makes sense.
therefore we can can experience some funny behaviour while using >1 instance of it, like finding the node in right of the opposite corner of the patch…

another issue: it needs quite a lot of juice; especially when you DO use several instances of it.
see attached module and use 40 instances of it using the debug mode (CTRL+F9).

i use the Keyboard (System Global) really often but i almost never need the Keyboard Input.

i could imagine that an additional node like Keyboard (System Global ReadOnly)
*is not necessarily a singleton (regarding the GUI issues)
*may have a slightly better performance?

ShortCut (System Keyboard).zip (6.0 kB)

fixed for beta>21: Keyboard (System Global) no longer is a singleton.

but does that also solve the “juice” issue?

not sure, i wasn’t able to reproduce your juice…