Keyboard - Key Code Bin Size


Hi guys.

I’m trying to develop an interface using arcade controls (joysticks and push-to-make buttons) that runs on a slot machine style look - i.e. wheels of images that rotate round based on whether the joystick is pushed up or down.

I’m using a Mini-Pac controller for the IO, with 4 joysticks and 4 buttons going in and USB out. My problem is that the joysticks don’t operate exclusively - i.e. when two joysticks are pushed and held up or down together, the keyboard node reading in the key codes detects a key code bin size of 2 and so almost creates a new key code, which generates a whole new load of unwanted stuff on screen :(!

Is there any way to limit this bin size so that only one key code is read at a time?

Thanks for any help in advance as always.

you could use a getslice node to only get the first of those keycodes.

Ahh that’s solved most of the problem m4d, thank you!