Key mapping question

Hi i am trying to finish up an on screen keyboard and i cant figure out how to map several of the keys like backspace, ctrl, enter…etc…

Hey assimilat,

your question is not that precise
so i assume that this helps you:
; ;

you can monitor those “special” codes with an IOBox (String) connected to the outlet of a Keyboard (System) Global.
when comparing with = (String) be sure to set the Case Sensitive-pin to 1.
KeyMatch (String) seems to be not case sensitive.

Heh, Sorry I wasnt that clear ive been patching for days now…What I am doing is building a keyboard via GDI and i know how to map all the buttons that have an 1-0, a-z value and i have set the shift and caps just to hit a CAPS node but i cant figure out how to map the tab/ctrl/alt/space/enter/backspace buttons…here is a snapshot of my keyboard…thanks for the help

keyboard.jpg (107.5 kB)

i guess to clarify further using the above attached file i have a 59 slice spread…each time a key is pressed it sends a 1 on its respective spread I have an IO box(string) that i have filled with the key data that I am outputting(i.e. slice 1=q 2=w 3=e and so on)basically i just want to know how to map the tab/ctrl/alt/space/enter/backspace buttons…if you want to see what im doing ive attached the patch(sorry its kinda a mess…)…also im planning on changing the text on the keys when shift/caps is depressed…just havent gotten around to it yet…

keyboard.v4p (175.4 kB)

And thinking about it more I could probably do without Ctrl/Alt/Tab…so that would just leave me with needing to map Enter and Backspace which I think I could just map those to a different system as the ascii characters like i did with my caps and shift keys…now to figure out how =\

i think KeyMatch does almost all the things you need.
put something like
into the keymatch input. then use Stallone to put all the output pins into one large spread.

note that the Keyboard nodes work on a very low level, which doesnt know about international keyboards. so creating international applications with a proper use öf umlauts and the like is a major challenge, as you neeed to reinvent all keyboard localizations.