Keep laptop display active when closing the lid

W10-64 Clevo P150HM gtx670mx

preamble: say you use your laptop for an installation with an external monitor/projector, and want to be able to close your lid keeping the patch open or whatever there is on your laptop display, keeping the fullscreen on external.

Now what W10 and any kind of W as far as I remember is deactivating the display. This is something hardware related I fear, you close the lid, the display goes off. Further with dx11 and its meta-fullscreen, the main display is pushed onto the secondary display showing the bar, plus it messes with the display configuration.

Any idea, can this be fixed in software?


How about just disabling the internal screen and use it without it?

@sunep: the idea is that I need it to do the last calibration then possibly close the lid and go have a drink.

I have used another laptop and then made a little patch that sends the parameters that needs adjustment over network to machines with no patch screen. Or alternatively used vnc or teamviewer to exit full-screen, do the adjustment and then log out again

Thank you for the ideas, I ve used all these aforementioned techniques in the past but this time I am in an awkward situation, with no proper communication, space and time to get it that way.
This lid question is just a matter of getting to know how exactly it works, if there is no way to make it stop behaving that way a little shim between lid and body will just do.

Also assuming I could get teamviewer to work, it would be a perfect combination, having the fullscreen on the external and an obscured display with the patch running you could access with teamviewer.

You can disable the driver for the “acpi lid” so that Windows doesn’t detect the lid closing. This will solve the problem.
If you only delete the driver it will autodetect and replace the driver, So instead change the driver to “Standard Volume Manager” as this will ensure that the lid switch is ignored by Windows.

I was doing exactly that last saturday. Dancing and patching through TeamViewer.

in power options “do nothing” when close the lid