_KarottePresetEngine.zip (3.4 MB)

So, still no idea how to use github so download the file above for now, and I’ll try learn git, that will have to do for now, and if anyone makes any additions I’ll try and make them happen somehow…
Needs a name really so open to suggestions, Enforced Isolation? Myxomatosis?
Give it a go and let me know any thoughts, and obviously your going to tell me I’m doing it all wrong, so any helpful suggestions to improve are welcome.
Preset Engine and CarrotGUI made by Joreg to my nagging insistance, and then brutally damaged by myself.
Also makes use of Elementa liberally.

Its not a timeline like afterfx, although you could probably build that as layers within it, it is an event sequencer. The events being presets, which can have optional tweens and timing to go from current position to the prest position. This means you can play back a sequence, or time line, and then trigger other presets or sequences over the top.

Combine that with being able to select which channels to save into a preset, so just postion, just colour etc, and the all tab. so you can create an absolute look, then add over that.

Ideally, the tweens will have lfo as an option with a min max and time etc, and also midi at some point.

Enjoy my chaotic patching :)

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small hint, add the ~.xml to the .gitignore file:
then you can delete them safely and they won’t show up in the commit menu anymore, even though vvvv will regenerate them.

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