'kalle' node

when using the ‘kalle’ node to change the background colour of a patch it only changes the rootpatch but you can’t change subpatch colours independently.

is this a bug or a feature :) ?

They made it a singleton for some reason, I liked it being put into specific patches to colour them myself…

it’s quite useless this way… more a gimmick than a real feature.

just tested ‘kalle’ on beta18 and it seems to work fine here. you can color subpatches differently. must be a bug then.

Its not a bug, its the singleton aspect, ie you can only have 1 node, other instances reference each other.
Devs, there’s 2 votes for stopping Kalle being so lonely!

i think what the devvvvs meant was: “There can only be one kalle”.

but its possible to use me in a patch to set the bgcolor once, remove me and save the patch. afterwards let me help you altering colors in another patch.

then you are sure: “kalle was here.”

alone.zip (831 Bytes)

ok thanks guys, i will accept the fact that kalle can’t be eveywere at the same time but leave plenty of marks.

keep on tagging!

I’ll keep on leaving marks, be sure ;)

  then you are sure: "kalle was here."

hahaha :)
nice one

That defiantly makes it all clear!

ok i got convinced. the number of contributions by kalle cannot actually have been realized by a singleton. so i backupgraded him to a proper multiple. still beware of two kalles in one patch…