Kairos' Compositor node throws exception

Hey there,

This is with 2021.4.8-0929. When using the latest nuget version of Kairos, creating a new clip inside a Compositor throws this exception :

System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added.

Full exception here

Repro steps

  • In 2021.4.8-0929, reference either VL.Kairos nuget version 0.6.0 or commit 093f9abf1c4b7251e8d094e7d01b3a75682edef8
  • Create a Timeline node, put a bunch of tracks there
  • Create a Compositor
  • Add a new clip in there and try to rename/resize it
  • You should get the exception

Went back in time and it looks like this does not happen on 2021.3 (though the UI is totally erratic there). Starts with 2021.4.

Thanks in advance

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