Just saying hello

like the title says hi atr3u here and i’m a noob full of wanting knowledge and questions

welcome atr3u!

vvvvelcome to vvvv :)

hey welcome atr3u :)

hey there. welcome to the best community on the planet ;)

Welcome!.. no text …

Welkom, learn, have fun and feel free to ask for help.

Hi!.. no text …

@Westbam, can you please drop me a note to v@lent.in.
Can’t seem to find another way to contact you! o.O

we should enable some kind of user-to-user messaging system here… had the same problem yesterday…

everyone please note, that in your settings:

you have a checkbox “Allow other users to send me mails via vvvv.org
if you enable this there’ll be a “send email” option available on your userpage:
that anyone can use to get in contact with you.

That setting was nicely hidden… a PM system would be soo freaking nice!!
“what happens on vvvv.org stays on vvvv.org” ;)

It was hard to find the check mark; I agree a PM system is essential.

yes, no new user enables this and not all people read this thread…