Jump to operation definition inside a class


in a class/process node, you might end up with looots of operations defined. you might as well call those operations inside the class using This. would be handy if when middle-clicking/right-click-open such an operation, the view would “jump” to the operation’s definition inside the same patch. right now it does not seem to do anything.

what do you think?

thanks in advvvvance



I’d really also like a “jump to” or search the other way round. Listing / jumping to everywhere operations are called from.
I’ve just refactored parts of a large patch that wasn’t made by me and I had to resort to opening the documents in a text editor to search for operations. A huge pita.

yes pleasepleaseplease!

Very much needed indeed but perhaps with a shortcut attached as well. Gamma is way too much mouse oriented programming language now…

the “problem” here with member operations is that they are not necessarily confined to a specific area in a patch. parts of it can potentially be all over the place. so another way of highlighting needs to be introduce for those instead of “jumping to”.

the closest to this we have at this point is the solution explorer which allows you to do such a reverse “search”.

often had in mind some sort of overlay that would pop over the patch when pressing some key combination, there could be one where groups of nodes belonging to a specific member op would be framed with a label indicating which op they belong to - would allow to see at a glance who’s who :-)

or, if still wanna “jump to”, maybe could cycle through the centroid of all clusters of nodes belonging to an op?