Juggler tracking

hi to all the vvvv addicted.

i’m a newbie, i diden’t know vvvv 2 weeks ago and now i’m in love :).

a vj friend help me to build a patch but i still have problems.

i try to track a juggler.
this one will juggle with fire. (i hope to track the fire and replace the position by a line drawing).

we did it with a color tracker, it s working great but when i have more than one track point, the soft don’t track the same object all the time.

i mean if i take two candles, 2 track points can be good but when i move the two candles more closer from each other the 2 track points are fixed on the same object, i’ve lost one.

so how can i track some object whos got the same color.

i’ve found people doing that, so vvvv can do it :).


hope to read your solutions.