Joining signals and values, help!


atm i work on a simple videoplayer which lets you create cue points in a spread

which can be triggerd by pads of a midi controller.

now i have 8 bangs each connected to a counter(animation) so every bang has a diffrent output from 0 to 7 which should controll the index of a getslice which is conected to the spred with cue points

also each bang should trigger the do seek pin of the filestream

i need two connections

  1. all bangs should somehow be connected to the do seek pin of the filestream

  2. the output of the 8 counters should all be conected to the index pin of the getslice

how do i do that

please help me.

  1. probably ORcan help
  2. not sure what you want with Counter, i think there is a easier way to get the right slice index
    better you post your patch/without externals/ and you get more help

ok i noticed that my counter aproach won’t lead to anything.

the OR node worked fine.

now the bang needs to change the slice index, pad 1 = index 0 , pad 2 = index 1


video cue test.v4p (13.4 kB)

maybe… no text …

video cue test for trveman.v4p (16.0 kB)


thank you so much!