Join geometries

Hi all, how can i merge two different geometries into one ? let’ say i have a grid and a 3d text how can i merge them into a unic mesh so i can use shader on it? thank u all :)

i remember that @dottore did something like this. have to search those “white areas” of my laptop harddisk. could be a fine module…

hmmmm, how about splitting the meshes with Mesh (EX9.Geometry Split) and Vertexbuffer (EX9.Geometry Split) , then joining their vertices in a single Vertexbuffer (EX9.Geometry Join) and adapting the indices by adding the highest index of the first mesh to all indices of the second & finally joining the new vertexbuffer and indices with a Mesh (EX9.Geometry Join) ?

thats exactly what dottore did in his patch…

You may like this link about morphing meshes

Hi and thank u all for interest,@frank: i do not need to morph, also if it could be a solution someway
@diki: i did some experiments that way, just texturing is messed up, my lack of knowledge i guess, i’ll work more on it
@kalle: did u format ur white area ? :P

Thank u again and any hint is appreciated, hierro.

texturing is messed up

this is of course a major problem: since you’re joining two meshes into one, they will also have to share the same texture. if the texturecoordinates are left unattended, this will surely result in a mess. i think it would be possible to recalculate/squish the coordinates so that they do not interfere, and use a texture that supplies meaningful content for both meshes. does not sound too difficult to do …