Job - VideoIn plugin needed


I’m working on a project where I need to grab video from a Deltacast DELTA-hd-elp-d 80 video card I tried the builtin node VideoIn, but using that method is just way to slow.

So what I need is a plugin so that I can get direct access to the deltacast card. And since my programming skills are not up to the task I hope that some of you have the required skills.

Edit: The Sdk does contain a C# binding. Sorry that I forgot to mention that, but I’m pretty new to vvvv.

The job is of course paid and I will provide you with a video card and what else you might need.

Please write if you are interested and/or want to know more about the project.


Thank you in advance

Card looks great - please release the plugin (or at least let us know it is available) if you find someone!