Job offer/ collaboration

Hello guys

i am here with a question about potential Job offer/ collaboration project.

I have a client here ( note i don’t want to deal with it, i will just rent some equipment ) that wants something like:

The project is as follows,
We have a 3d model ( kinda like a pill capsule) that will be rigged with 3 bones and then with real people movements needs to just move around as the real person and bend a bit.
Movements will be detected with Kinect.

As i cant really discuss openly deep details about it please if someone is interested in this as commercial project please contact me asap.


Thank you in advance.

Hello all!

Sorry for the silence on my part last few days.

All applications are sent to the client and waiting for the chosen one.

And if anyone is wondering:

I do not get commission from this job,nor i get any credit or benefit from it.
Instead of turning it down i just want someone to take it - he gets money, client gets what he wants and VVVV sells a license.

As simple as that :)

Good luck all

Congratulations to the chosen one and good luck!

Hope to have more projects for you guys in the future.